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Contemplation for Two Ensembles

2021 - Extended Ten-piece (Brass Band)

Air on A (and B)

2020 - Symphonic Wind Band

Steady as She Goes

2019 - Symphonic Wind Band & Three Speakers


2017 - Clarinet Choir

An Unburnt Candle

2024 - Piano Trio

Streams in Stasis

2022 - Mixed Chamber Ensemble (Pierrot)

Slått frå Rygjafylke

2022 - Violin & Cello

En français s'il vous plaît

2021 - String Quartet

Ripples to Waves

2020 - String Quartet

En Liten og En Stor

2019 - cl,vln,harp,perc

Brudemarsj for Norland

2022 - Pipe Organ

Sitka Spruce

2022 - Classical Guitar

Seven Miniatures for Violin

2021 - Violin

Drop Down! Must Stop Playing.

2020 - Electric Guitar and Electronics (Max/MSP)


2019 - Piano

The Summoning of Everyman

2023 - Theatre Show in Two Acts, Scored for Electric Guitar and Piano

(co-composed with Reese Carly Manglicmot)

To wonder, I wander, wondering

2021 - Chamber Opera in One Act, for Four Singers and Piano

(text by Lewis Carroll)

Ein Liten Kvist

2023 - SSA Choir, Cello & Piano Accompaniment

(text by Torvald Tu)

Up In The Morning Early

2022 - SSA Choir

(text by Robert Burns)

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