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2020 - Symphonic Wind Band


  • Instrumentation 2fl(II=picc) - ax.tx.bx. - 3hn.3tpt.2tb.btb.euph.tba. - 3perc.

  • Duration 5 mins

  • Composed Jan. 2020-Mar. 2020

  • First Performance Yet to be performed


Air on A (and B) consists mainly of citations of musical material from Bach, Grieg and Messiaen. The material is juxtaposed, blended and processed through metric modulations and tempo variations. Most of the material carries some sort of solemn annotation. It is music played in weddings, funerals and other important moments in life. The weight of the citations are also felt in this piece.

The piece was supposed to be performed by the Norwegian Navy Band (nor.: Sjøforsvarets Musikkorps) in April in 2020. Unfortunately the concert, like many others, had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Air on A (and B): Tekst
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