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2020 - String Quartet


  • Instrumentation 2 violins, viola, cello

  • Duration 7 mins

  • Composed June 2020-July 2020

  • First Performance Yet to be performed


Ripples to Waves is a piece about movement and development. Just as how waves on the sea can grow from ripples created by the ocean-winds, other small impulses can grow into large phenomenons or movements. The piece is an abstract documentation of this. It takes inspiration from and uses material from the music of Bartók and Grieg, drawing a line from the rich folk music of two different, but at the same time similar countries; Hungary and Norway. The material Bartók and Grieg discovered and developed is essential for what these countries have become today. The small ripples in the periphery of Europe becoming waves in the larger collective culture.

Ripples to Waves: Tekst
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