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2021 - Extended Ten-piece (Brass Band)


  • Instrumentation ecrt.,4crt.,thn.,tb.,btb.,2euph.,etb.

  • Duration 6-8 mins

  • Composed Feb. 2021

  • First Performance Knarvik 21 Mar. 202, performance by Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Talent 2021

  • Comissioned by Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag


Contemplation for Two Ensembles uses music material derived from Leonard Bernstein’s Divertimento. For added effect the pieces can be programmed together. If possible, the Divertimento should then follow Contemplation for Two Ensembles in the program. However the musical material does not play the main role in the piece. The piece challenges the audience's and ensemble’s perception of the traditional concert-setting, by questioning the roles found in a concert, the role of the ensemble, conductor and audience. The ensemble changes seating throughout the piece. At some point some of them should sit down among the audience. The conductor is both the conductor and a performer in the ensemble, given their own part in the score. This part includes instructions on how to behave on stage, and instructions about conducting the audience instead of the ensemble in some sections of the piece. The audience is given no part on paper, but is made to feel as if they should be playing some part they have not been informed about.

Contemplation for Two Ensembles: Tekst
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