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2019 - Solo Piano


  • Instrumentation Solo Piano

  • Duration 4 mins

  • Composed Aug. 2019-Oct. 2019

  • First Performance Bergen 24 Oct. 2019, performance done by Solveig Margrethe Møllerup Åmdal


Tåkeslør (eng.: Fog Veil) explores the sonorities of the Grand Piano by extensive use of the sostenuto pedal. By preparing specific intervalls with the sostenuto, the pianist is able to control the overtones and the resonance of chords and melodic material. The intention is to mimic the way the Norwegian folk instrument the Hardanger fiddle works. The Hardanger fiddle has a set of resonating strings underneath the neck of the instrument that resonate with the music the fiddler plays on the «normal» strings. The sostenuto pedal makes it possible to imitate this effect of resonating strings vibrating with the material played on the keys. The piece was written for the Grieg Now conference in Bergen 2019. The conference focused on the works of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and their significance today. Tåkeslør is a response piece to Grieg’s Op. 72 No. 8, and the original Hardanger fiddle melody which Grieg used as inspiration for his piece.

Tåkeslør: Tekst
Tåkeslør: Music Player
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