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2024 - Piano Trio


  • Instrumentation Violin, Cello & Piano

  • Duration 6-7 mins

  • Composed Dec. 2023 - Jan. 2024

  • First Performance Yet to be performed

  • First Recorded Glasgow 15 Feb. 2024, recorded by students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland: Helina Sommer(violin), Ruari Woodsend(cello), Reese Carly Manglicmot(piano)


Imagine a lone, unlit candle. Or even an unlit candle surrounded by a sea of others burning bright. There is something profound about the act of lighting a candle, it can provide comfort, hope, resolve, among many other things. An unburnt one on the other hand is cold, distant and stark. At least that is how I imagined it while writing this piece. It harbours frustrations, regrets and uncertainties I am sure many in a transitional point in their life can relate to. Questions about what is to come and what could have been.

An Unburnt Candle: Tekst
An Unburnt Candle: Music Player
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