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​Thomas Djønne was born in Sandnes, Norway in 1997. He attended the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen in Bergen as an undergraduate student from 2017 to 2021 under the supervision of professor Dániel Péter Biró and professor Juliana Hodkinson. He is currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland where he is studying for his Masters degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with Stuart MacRae.

Djønne has written music for chamber ensembles, opera and solo performances, and has worked with ensembles such as the Bit20 EnsembleSjøforsvarets MusikkkorpsGAIA and the Hebrides Ensemble. His music has been described as busy and complex, with expressive melodies and shifting time signatures in a soundscape combining traditional and modern aesthetics.

In 2022 Djønne was awarded Sandnes' Culture Scholarship, and received funding from UNG i Kor to write a new work for the Norwegian youth choir Sandnes Kulturskolekor VIVA. The piece will be premiered in December 2022.



Updated 13.08.21


2021- Chamber Opera in One Act for Four Singers and Piano

To wonder, I wander, wondering is based on text from Lewis Carroll’s «Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland». The opera alternates between Scenes depicting dialog from the book, and Songs which are based on the poems within the book. The opera does not have a distinct story, but utilizes that the source material is known for most audiences. Instead of a story, the opera deals with the question of the absurd, through the music and Alice’s experiences in the piece.

2021 - String Quartet

En français s'il vous plaît was written as part of a response-project to the quartets of Beethoven for NyMusikk BergenThe piece is devised from the thought experiment of what Beethoven's music would have sounded like in a French musical context. Most of the material is worked out from a combination of Ravel's Quartet  and motives from Beethoven's Menuetto from Op. 18 No. 5.

2019 - Small Chamber Ensemble (cl,vln,harp,perc)

En Liten og En Stor (eng.: A Little and a Big One) was written for musicians from the BIT20 Ensemble in Bergen. The piece explores the sound colour and timbres of the instruments, by themselves and together. Some examples of these sounds are how the vibraphone brings out the coldness of the sul ponticello in the violin, and the bass clarinet combined with rolled low marimba creates a sound best described as a warm and fuzzy woolen blanket. 



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